Tips For Keeping Your Resolutions This Year


    New Year, new you, right?

    Although I am not one of those people who is a firm believer that all resolutions will lead to success, I do still like to line some out for myself. Mostly, it is just because I feel like the excitement and cliche idea of setting a resolution actually motivates me just enough to at least try.

    And, especially after failing the year before, it is always another chance to prove myself wrong.

    Yes, I realize that resolutions can be far overrated and people often fail. But, you can’t win if you don’t try, right?

    So, each year, I try to come up with at least a few self-improvements I would like to make. The worst case scenario is that I don’t keep them – which wouldn’t be the first time. But, the best case would be that I make a difference.

    If you are at least like me, or even a firm believer in resolutions, and have set a few for yourself, let me just help you keep them. Here are some tips that I am going to use to help keep my 2018 resolutions:

    Solidify my decision.

    One thing I have found that works best when working toward a goal is reminding myself of why I am doing it. Yes, it might suck right now, but ultimately it will ___ (you fill in the blank).

    Remind yourself of your intentions and look back on those when you are struggling.

    Be realistic. Take it slow.

    Don’t start out with the most outrageous goals and hit the ground running. Give yourself a list of baby steps and update your goals as you reach them. Layer the changes this way – say you will lose 5 lbs. and start by just walking a few times a week. Then, say you will lose another 5 lbs. and start running a few times a week.

    Be flexible. 

    I think the biggest trap people fall into is thinking that once they have fallen off the bandwagon, they can’t get back on. Not true.

    If you fail, try and try again. Be flexible – a mistake is not the end of the world.


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