Mindy Kaling’s Real Life Baby Is Finally Here & You Are Going To Be So Excited


After watching way too much of The Mindy Project it is hard for me to even comprehend that her real name is Mindy Kaling and not Mindy Lahiri. But, I guess the fact that her name is still at least Mindy will do.

Anyways, that is beside the point…

I have been so upset that the show was finally coming to an end – although it was probably time because I mean, how many more failed relationships could she have? How many more great relationships could she really find a way to ruin?

But, I now somewhat find comfort knowing that the show likely ended because she was having a baby. And, she couldn’t seriously have a SECOND baby on the show with another failed relationship.

But, it is finally time to welcome her real life baby…

According to E! News, Mindy reportedly gave birth to her little girl, Katherine Kaling, on December 15.

Her full name is Katherine Swati Kaling – with Swati being a tribute to Mindy’s mom. However, Mindy opted to leave her daughter’s father off of the birth certificate and give the child her last name, so as of now, his identity still has not been revealed.

And, Mindy has continuously refused to comment on his identity and remains tight-lipped on the matter. Reports even say that after disclosing she was pregnant, she wasn’t even disclosing to her closest friends who the father was. Whattttt? Can you imagine keeping that a complete secret?

I honestly don’t know if I could do it.

And, it appears everyone else is remaining that way about any further details on the child.

However, one thing we do know is that Mindy is basically having the best week of her life…

She gave birth to a baby girl, the new Ocean’s 8 trailer dropped (and did I mention she is a lead role?!) and a show she is on, Wrinkle in Tiem, was featured on Time Magazine.

You go girl!



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