3 Relationship Habits You Probably Got From Mom And Dad


Have you ever had someone say to you, the dreaded statement…

“You are just like your mom.”


“You are just like your dad.”

For some people, it might not actually be a dreaded statement. I love my parents so there are some ways that I don’t mind being like them. But, in all reality, we want to be our own people.

And, we always like to think we won’t grow up to be just like our parents…

But, in some cases, it is inevitable – especially when it comes to our future relationships.

Now that I am married, it almost makes me laugh sometimes to take a step back and realize how much I sound like my mom talking to my dad or how much I am thinking like my mom, in terms of my marriage.

Despite the fact that my marriage is my own, and not like theirs, after spending 20 years with them, I have inevitably picked up some of their relationship habits…

And, if you find yourself doing any of these things on my list, you might have just gotten it from your parents:

  1. How Vulnerable You AreAre you one of those people who pours your heart out to someone as soon as you fall in love? And, not to mention, you probably fall in love pretty quickly.

    The degree to which you share yourself with others and the degree of vulnerability you set for yourself is likely something you learned from your parents. They are vulnerable to you so you can see just how much they know about each other.

  2. How You React To Toxic PartnersWere your parents in an abusive relationship and just kept taking it? Now, do you do the same thing?

    It all goes back to that first true example of a romantic relationship you had – your parents.

  3. How You CommunicateI am very much like my mom here. I want to sit and have long conversations and talk about everything.

    How do your parents like to communicate? Now, how do you like to communicate?


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