Holiday Makeup Looks to Try That Aren’t the Traditional Smokey Eye


‘Tis the season to be jolly…

And, ’tis the season for lots of holiday parties, friendly get togethers, and plenty of pictures, too. As your calendar is likely quickly booking up, you are scrambling around looking for outfits. But, another aspect of your complete look to consider is your makeup.

If you do this each year, you have likely worn out the smokey eye…

And, rightfully so. It is a great holiday look because it is obviously beautiful and it is something that stands out as different from your usual look. But, after awhile, it is nice to switch it up.

There’s nothing wrong with throwing on your red lipstick and your traditional smokey eye, but when you decide you need to just add a bit of flare to your outfit, here are a few ideas:

  1. Glitter eye

    Glitter is all the rage this season. And, it is definitely making its mark in the makeup world, too.

    It is sparkly – obviously – and totally fabulous. You can easily add a glitter shimmer over your normal eyeshadow or use glitter eyeshadow itself and just like that, you’ve transformed your traditional makeup look.

  2. Glossy lids

    One thing I really love about makeup is that the different textures of makeup can totally recreate your look, just like that!

    Using a creme eye primer to create a shimmery, glossy lid is the great way to have a unique holiday look but without all the glitz of the glitter.

    Finish this look up with a warm, dark lip and voila! You are holiday party ready.

  3. Color me pretty

    I know, when you think blue eyeshadow you think what your grandma would have worn in the 80s. But, color eyeshadow is making its way back and if you do it right, it is the perfect holiday look.

    Try out a subtle green eyeshadow to ring Christmas in right.


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