3 Self-Care Tips to End The Year Right


I would say we all need to recover from the toll this year has taken on us, but, doesn’t that seem to be the way every year ends? At least, that is what it feels like to me.

Of course, each year has so many great things – and, of course, it has its bad – but aging is just hard. Even at 22, I still find myself feeling “over the hill”, so to speak.

And, the best way to end any day, but especially to end the year is to pamper yourself. Especially around the holidays, when it is getting cold, I love to spend one evening just pampering myself and relaxing.

Self-care is not only important because, well, it’s fun – but, it is also important to just keeping your body maintained. I love my skin being soft, but it doesn’t get that way on its own.

Anyways, enough of all my rambling, how about those self-care tips you actually came here looking for?

Here they are:

  1. Use a body scrubNow, you have to be careful with this one…Don’t use a body scrub too obsessively because you can easily dry your skin out. But, you should use one every so often to get all the extra dead skin off.

    This helps your new skin grow and flourish. I, personally, love to do an entire body scrub.

  2. Take time for teaI am a hardcore coffee drinker. In fact, it is just recently that I started getting into drinking tea. But, there is something so calming about a cup of hot tea.Just try it – do you full body scrub then jump on the couch with your favorite show and a hot cup of tea.
  3. Use some lotion every once in a whileI love to buy lotion, but I like the expensive, good smelling kind so I always buy it and then rarely use it. But, when it comes to pampering myself each year, you bet I pull out all of the best lotions I have.


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