How to Shop for Christmas for Your Significant Other


It is that time of year – Black Friday will be here in just a matter of days and the season of shopping endlessly is about to break loose.

What is better than pretty much being given a free pass to go shopping as much as you want for the next month?

I especially love Christmas shopping because I am one of those people who finds, even more, joy in surprising other people than getting gifts myself…

However, when it comes to shopping for my husband it can be quite difficult. Of course, he will never say that he actually wants anything. But, then, somehow later in the year he complains that I only buy him practical gifts. It’s a lose, lose situation, you feel me?

So, the longer we’ve been together – aka the longer I’ve been significant other shopping – I have started to develop little tips for shopping for your significant other:

Still get something practical.

While I do advise against only getting them underwear and socks, it is always good practice to get just one thing that is practical.

No, they probably won’t ever be just totally over-the-moon about it but it is something they will use. And, if your significant other is anything like mine, they won’t buy it for themselves even if it is something practical and a necessity.

Take notes all year long.

Okay, I realize we are quickly approaching Christmas so you don’t have all year to do this. But, pay close attention these next few weeks. I will catch my husband saying he really wants something when he sees the commercial and then he will never mention it again…

So, I just keep a little note going on my phone of items I randomly hear him say he would like or that he shows interest in.

Figure out their love language.

A person’s love language says a lot of what type of gifts they like to receive – bottom line. So, do some research on love languages.


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