Another Jonas Brother Is Off The Market: Joe Jonas Is Engaged!


You heard me right…

First, Kevin. And, now, Joe. That is officially more Jonas Brothers off the market than are still left on the market.

Thankfully, I am no longer a 14-year-old girl… Because at that point in my life, this news would have broken my heart.

I spent months, in fact, let’s be honest – years – drooling over the Jonas Brothers. And, of course, Joe just so happened to be my favorite. My best friend and I saw them in concert when we were about 14 years old and let me tell you, they look just as good in person…

Where are they now?

For some of you, you are probably thinking you haven’t heard about the Jonas Brothers in a while…

Well, of course, they are no longer the heartthrob boy band of “The Jonas Brothers.” They have since gone their separate ways.

Kevin appears to be a family man and entrepreneur now – leaving his music career behind. Meanwhile, Nick and Joe are still in the music industry but on their own, respectively.

The Big Announcement

So, here is what you are really reading this article for…

Joe Jonas is now officially engaged to Game of Thrones actor, Sophie Turner. The two both announced it on Instagram using the same photo.

She said yes.

A post shared by J O E J O N A S (@joejonas) on

I mean just look at that ring – how could you say no, right?

Anyways, the couple has been together for nearly a year now in a whirlwind relationship. Billboard reports they began dating sometime last fall… And, here we are, a year later he has put a ring on it.

They seem to have kept the relationship pretty hush-hush – with even true Jonas fans having trouble staying in the loop.

Of course, I don’t think any Joe Jonas fan wants to come to terms with the fact that he is off the market…

But, you have to give it to them – they do make an adorable couple.


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