5 Signs “Mr. Right” is Actually “Mr. Oh So Wrong”


Love hurts. It is as simple as that.

So, when we think we have found true love – our soulmate, even – we can sometimes be quick to settle down and claim them as “the one.”

But, sometimes, even that love you feel – or think you feel – still is not enough.

Sadly, just because you are emotionally invested in each other does not necessarily mean you are meant to be together.

I will never forget my first love. I was young, we were together for a few years, and even though I broke up with him it took me awhile to finally get over him. Anytime something went wrong with the next guy, I had to constantly talk myself out of running back to him – even though he was with another girl already.

It wasn’t even the fact that I knew I wanted to be with him forever, it was that I had invested so much in him and I felt like he truly knew me, so it must be right, right?


And, thank goodness I met my husband because I was able to see that who I thought was “Mr. Right” was actually “Mr. Oh So Wrong.”

Here are a few signs this might be the case for you:

  1. The sexual chemistry is gone.

    Of course, there might be a few dry seasons. At first, you can’t keep your hands off each other, then it dwindles down to sex once a week, and then it seems as though you are never intimate.

    If that intimacy doesn’t pick back up, and you find you have no urge, you might no longer be compatible.

  2. You have poor communication.

    You won’t always disagree, but the feeling of constantly explaining the same thing over and over and your partner giving you the blank stare could be a bad sign.

  3. You wouldn’t do it all over again.

    Ask yourself: If I could go back but knowing what I know now, would I choose them again? If not, it is time to get out.

  4. They make you feel stressed.

    Your relationship should be your safe haven. You should feel calm and relaxed, most of the time. So, if you find yourself feeling stressed and anxious around your significant other more often than not, it is time to reconsider.

  5. You picture being with someone else.

    It is human nature to wonder about the “what ifs”, but if daydreaming about your life with someone else is hindering your relationship and is a constant thought, there might be a problem.


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