Best Secrets to Healthier Nails


Raise your hand if you have broken a nail in the past week – just FYI, my hand is raised. And, there is nothing more frustrating, right?

I swear, there have been several occasions where I have JUST cut my nails and within the same day or so, they will still break! It is one of the worst phenomena ever – how a short nail manages to still break in one area or another is beyond me.

And, unfortunately, breaking nails is just a part of life…

But, by trying to achieve healthier, stronger nails, we can at least lessen the times that gut-wrenching occurrence takes place.

I wish there was a magical potion that just granted me the strongest nails of all. But, there isn’t. So here are a few secrets I will be trying out:

  1. Stop biting them.Guilty as charged. I don’t do it all the time, but I have developed a nervous habit of biting or picking at my nails.

    And, this is the worst – you are literally just taking a problem and making it worse. Just make it a conscious habit to stop.

  2. Perform weekly maintenance.This is one of those rare occurrences for me…

    Every now and then I will pamper myself, but I don’t perform weekly maintenance on my nails like I should.

    Get regular manicures or regularly manicure yourself. Make a point to remove hangnails, file your nails and clean underneath them.

  3. Always wear gloves while cleaning.I basically never do this.

    I clean the bathroom with my bare hands, I do the dishes with my bare hands, and the list goes on.

    But, all that water and all those cleaners are slowly but surely worsening my nails – making them weaker and weaker.

    They sell cleaning gloves for a reason, after all…

  4. Take your vitamins.This is probably the easiest and least time-consuming tip: take your vitamins.

    You can grab vitamins that help nails at pretty much any local store for only a few bucks.


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