3 Makeup Mistakes You Probably Make Every Day


I know you have probably had one of those moments where you have looked back at a picture and wondered if you had put your makeup on in the dark that day…

There have been many times where I have thought something along the lines of, “Did I even make an effort to blend my eyeshadow that day?”

Whether it was a major contouring mistake or just a simple overuse of your blush, these are the types of mistakes that leave us deleting a picture immediately…

However, these are also the types of makeup mistakes that you might very well still be making every day:

  1. Wearing the wrong shade of foundation.From one that is too dark to one that is far too light… We have all gone through the struggle of trying to find out which foundation works best for us. While there are several color options on the market, it is still near impossible to find one that fits you perfectly.

    So, instead, find two that are closest to the shade of your skin tone and apply each of them to your jawline, go outside and look in a mirror in the natural light and go with the best choice. Or, try mixing two of them together – one slightly darker and one slightly lighter – to make a new color.

  2. Wearing the wrong shade of blush.Wearing the wrong color makeup seems to be a trend, huh? Yeah… We’ve all been guilty – a few times. Especially for your everyday look, your blush should only complement your natural blush tone. So, if your cheeks are blaring red, don’t try to make them appear that way with the blush.
  3. Applying makeup to skin as dry as the desert. I used to be the queen of doing this because my skin is naturally oily, so, I was afraid that applying lotion or moisturizer first would only make it worse.

    But, that just left me with flaky skin. ALWAYS apply makeup to properly moisturized skin.

If you know you are guilty of a few of these, don’t worry, we all are at some point. But, here is your sign to fix it! 🙂


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