The Best Eyeshadow Based On Your Eye Color


I will never forget when I first started wearing make-up and my mom would always tell me to wear brown eyeshadow…

She said it would make my eyes pop. But, I always wondered how in the world she knew that. Or, maybe it was just her personal opinion? You know, being my mom and all.

But, as it turns out, there is actually a method to the madness…

Apparently, there are specific eyeshadow colors you should keep near and dear to your heart based on the color of your eyes.

I’m sure they are still around somewhere, but when I was in high school, Maybelline actually had a line of eyeshadow come out just based on eye color. So, you could go look through the different palettes and each one specified which eye color it was best for and how to wear it.

This is how I got into plum eyeshadow for a while, but since then, I have migrated back to browns.

But, just in case you can’t find a brand that will tell you which palette is best for you…

You can use my little guide:

Brown Eyes

Brown-eyed girls are just about the luckiest girls around – virtually every eyeshadow color will flatter you.

Specifically, go for a rich plum or a vibrant purple shade to highlight the clarity of your eyes. Well, Maybelline was right because I have brown eyes.

Or, try warm greens and golds, such as mossy green.

Blue Eyes

For you, it is all about contrasting those baby blues. A neutral palette that consists of nudes, bronze, warm peaches, and other warm orange-tinted shades like terracotta will suit you best.

Green Eyes

Green eyes get to go for something a little bolder such as rust and cranberry eyeshadows. Or, if you are feeling a little less bold, try a warm purple or warm neutral colors.

Hazel Eyes

For an every day look, golds and warm neutrals are best. But, for a night out, a bright violet is definitely your go-to.

Each eye color has their respective color that will just make them pop, but for just about every color, you can totally rock a nude or warm neutral color.


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