4 Things Pennywise Could Say to Get Millenials Down the Drain


So, I rarely go to the movie theater because I just never care about a movie enough to spend that much money…

But, the 2017 version of “It” was one I just couldn’t pass up. And, it did not disappoint. From the authenticity of each character to the pure fear that Pennywise’s character can instill in you just via the giant screen.

What baffles me though, as it does with just about any scary movie, is why the characters give in so easily to the predator…

But, what if Pennywise said something like this to you?

  1. “I can make your student loan debt disappear.”Let’s be honest, that 6-month grace period after college graduation just is never long enough. Not to be dramatic, but I might even sell my soul for that one.
  2. “I know who your soulmate is.”Just another day in the life of a millennial, searching for our one true love so we can sweep them off their feet. But, I don’t even know if Pennywise could make the search any easier.
  3. “I will make you a home-cooked meal.”I don’t know about you but nobody told me that after graduating college, I would be working a 40+ hour week and then have to go home and cook for myself…

    I just can’t help but wonder, what if he has some of my mom’s spaghetti down there?

  4. “I can make your credit score perfect.”Just another one of those basic life lessons that they don’t teach you in school…

    Wait, you mean I am not born with an 800+ credit score? What kind of sick joke is this?

So, while Pennywise seems awfully scary in the movie…

And, you will find yourself questioning why any little kid would give in so easily…

If he knew just what to say, Pennywise might be able to strike your fancy, too.

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