Big Brother Celebrity Edition is Headed Your Way. Are You Ready?


If you aren’t already following the juicy romances and epic challenges on Big Brother as the contestants fight to stay in the house…

This new take on the reality series and game show combination might just have you tuning into the series:

Big Brother has announced they will be doing their first-ever celebrity edition.

The show, which premiered in 2000, will still be hosted by host Julie Chen – but, the network has not yet announced any names of stars that will be taking part in the show.

Big Brother celebrity edition is set to run the special edition of the show this winter, will be aired during the show’s traditional summer run in 2018. But, no specific premiere date has been announced yet.

Um, what is Big Brother again?

For those of you still deciding if you will watch the show or not, based on if your favorite star is on it or not, you probably are not that familiar with the show in the first place…

Let me give you some deets:

The reality series and game show combination follow a group of contestants living together in a custom-built house – all hoping to take home the final prize of $500,000 at the end of the summer.

The participants are under constant surveillance, battling through romances, challenges, and surprising eliminations which are done through an eviction vote.

Let’s just say – if you enjoy watching other people’s drama unfold as friendships and relationships are formed and just as quickly destroyed… This show is for you.

So, the hush-hush of the cast probably leaves you wondering if your favorite star will be competing in the house next year…

Who would you like to see on Big Brother celebrity edition? Leave your pick in the comments!

Who knows – you might get a glimpse into the true side of your favorite celeb!


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