These Two Grey’s Anatomy Stars Might Be the Most Relatable Characters on TV.


“Push one of epi!” {bows my head in embarrassment, remembering I’m not a real surgeon}

Is it a little insane that sometimes I find myself wanting to shout that in a real-life crisis? I think I have watched so much Grey’s Anatomy that I sometimes think I am a scholar of all things surgical…

But, from Meredith Grey to Jackson Avery, what is not to love about all the personality that radiates from the now- Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital?

If you don’t find yourself in tears from the heart-wrenching stories of the people that come through the hospital’s doors, you will likely find yourself in tears over how relatable these character’s stories are:

Cristina Yang

After being engaged to Owen Hunt – who also made our list – it is only appropriate that Cristina Yang has quite the relatable life of her own, right? From calling off her engagement to previous Grey’s Anatomy star, Preston Burke to her on-again, off-again relationship with Owen Hunt…

It is obvious that Cristina Yang has quite a difficult time when it comes to commitment, but who doesn’t, right?

Well, Yang does, except for when it comes to Meredith Grey…

As one of the most iconic television friendships, Meredith and Cristina are each other’s “person.”

Cristina’s fear of commitment, unwillingness to share her feelings, and strong dedication to her one true friend might just remind you of your BFF – or your “person,” as Cristina would say.

Owen Hunt

The US Army surgeon turned Seattle Grace Hospital, now- Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital surgeon is best-known for his strong emotions throughout the show…

But, what radiates “real-life stuff” about him is his emotions:

From his PTSD to loving Amelia Shepherd even when she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Does he remind you of anyone you know? Maybe your spouse, who always comes running even when you’re being a {that word}?


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