Is The Pricey Designer Bag Dead?


There was a time when the designer “it bag” was on the arm of every “it girl” and a must-have for the true fashionista. Costing as much as 1 month’s rent for the average stylish Jane with prices hovering at $1000 (the actual cost of my beloved Luis Vuitton “Deauville” logo bag when I bought it eons ago at the LV store in NYC), going up to over $12,000 for Hermes “Birkin” bags carried by the well-heeled jet-set crowds.

Back when “Sex And The City” TV series was still in its first run on HBO versus on a rerun loop on TNT, the pricey designer bag was a billboard to the world that you had arrived; that you knew the subtle lexicon of fashion and how to make a strong first impression. But today, the pricey “it” bag of yore seems have taken a back seat in the style area.

In an age when Millennials value tiny houses over McMansions and prefer to bike to work as a badge of honor than dump their savings into new cars, the allure of the expensive logo designer bag has waned.

Some Instagram style stars are still promoting and pushing the image of the designer handbag as the ultimate statement accessory, but for the rest of us who are not making a living selling our lifestyle across social media, these big showy bags can seem out of place in our everyday lives.

Finally, instead of the outside (imaginary) pressure to drop our rent check on just-for-show bags, we can hold tight to our well-earned dough and invest instead in ourselves and our future. Or, we can just pay the rent.

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