4 Foods to Never Order on a First Date


“You, um, you’ve got a little something in your…teeth…”

Can we just go ahead and say that statement makes it pretty high on the list of embarrassing things you never want to hear your date say to you?

But, what’s even more embarrassing than having a little something on your teeth is having a little something on your face, in your lap, in your hair, and miraculously…yes, up your nose, too.

The first date with a guy you swiped right on last night {Google the reference if you’re looking like a deer in the headlights right now} is already messy enough, don’t make it even messier with these terrible food choices:

  1. SpaghettiThis carbalicious treat won’t lead to a Lady and the Tramp moment when you have spaghetti sauce smeared all over your face within the first five minutes of the meal…

    Save that romantic moment for a fifth or sixth date.

    But, if pasta is your middle name {like me} go for a less messy option with smaller noodles such as penne or rigatoni.

  2. Corn on the CobBreakfast, lunch, dinner, and everywhere in between I can get a little corny. But nobody wants to get a taste of those lingering kernels on the first goodnight kiss…

    My favorite solution is to grab my knife and slice it right off the cob. Voila!

  3. RibsThis is probably the first food that came to your mind on our list of “don’ts” …

    Even as a good ole Southern gal with a passion for barbecue, I would still have to pass…

    You’re pretty much sure to be wearing these all over your shirt within the first 30 seconds…

  4. Garlic breadAnd you just thought onions were bad… Garlic bread has them beat as the number one kiss killer around the world.

    You love it, but it loves you more as the aftertaste and smell linger in your mouth for hours…

    So, if the date is going well enough to get kissy kissy later, shove the garlic bread in your to-go box. Since it is the first date, you probably won’t finish your meal anyway, right?

    But we all know you will when he’s gone!


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