3 Yoga Poses for Everyone Who Sucks at Yoga (Like Me!)


Boat pose, cat pose, downward dog… Wait, you want me to do what with my dog?

All these frilly yoga terms mean nothing to me – nada, zero, zilch.

It’s like high school physics class – in one ear and right back out the other.

Get this:

My mother-in-law invited me to yoga a little while back {5:00 am wake-up call, say what?!} and I said I would attempt to come…

Of course, since it was at 5:00 am, sadly, I never even woke up. But in a way, I was saved by the alarm {the one I never heard go off} because she would have shown me up with my less than lack of yoga skills.

Hey, but they say it’s good for the soul, so why not give these easy neophyte {big word of the day – it means beginner} poses a shot:

Mountain Pose

Let’s just start with my absolute favorite right off the bat. Who would have guessed standing straight up counts as yoga? Oh girl, apparently, I’ve been a yoga professional all along {insert real-life LOL moment}.

How to: stand tall with your feet together, relax your shoulders, evenly distribute weight throughout soles of your feet, put your arms at your side.

Now, just breathe. Reach up toward the sky like you’re reaching for Ryan Gosling on the red carpet and back down again.

Downward Dog

No, don’t go grab the puppy for this one…

How to: get on all fours, lift up using your arms and legs to form a downward facing “v” with your body – arms and legs should be straight with your head facing the ground and your butt in the air.

Child’s Pose

You probably find yourself doing this one when you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

How to: sit on your heels (comfortable), lay your torso forward, bring your forehead to rest on the floor or bed in front of you, and extend your arms.

Now, take a cat nap!


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